History Of Jagdish Temple in Udaipur – A heritage worth Visiting

udaipur is a world class city with lot of heritage sites and monuments. these monuments represent the rich culture heritage of India. Jagdish temple in udaipur is one such heritage temple whose history goes to the era of rana and Maharanas.

this temple is located in the main city center near city palace. this is a temple which was made by King of udaipur. now in this post we are going to tell you about the long history of Jagdish temple in udaipur. if you are visiting Udaipur any time then this is the place for you. you should visit this heritage temple if you are here. otherwise your journey is incomplete.

unseen places of udaipur

this is a legendary temple of lord vishnu or jagannatha which is famous all over india. every year the auspicious “Rath Yatra” is organised from this temple. only in Puri and Udaipur Rath yatra is organised which is attended by thousands of devotee. jagdish temple in udaipur holds a strong history of rajputana culture.

History of Udaipur Jagdish temple

  1. this temple is made purely of marble stone. this temple was built by maharana Jagat singh ji in the year 1651  
  2. it has 32 steps
  3. on the entrance hall Garuda statue is there
  4. the temple steeple is 79 feet high
  5. this temple was a center of worship for udaipur. now it is attended by thousand of tourists.
  6. the idol of lord jagannath is carved from a black stone.

this is all we know about jagdish temple in udaipur.

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