How to Choose Best Taxi service in Goa

choose good taxi service in goa

going to Goa is everyone’s dream. the most common way to travel in goa is by car, bus, and rented motor bikes. if you are in goa right now then note these important points while hiring a taxi service in goa.

there are lot of scams and dangers in hiring a random taxi vendor in goa. so here we are presenting you the definitive guide for hiring a reliable taxi service in goa.

these days following problems are taking place with tourists when they try to hire a taxi in goa:-

  • hidden charges are involved
  • despite fixed fare rules, they will charge you according their choices.
  • they will drop you in between your journey
  • ask for night charges after 6 pm
  • drivers are rude
  • their Prices change every now and then

Choose a good taxi service in goa

here are some points that you can keep in check while hiring a taxi service in goa:-

  • make sure to book online your tourist taxi before entering Goa. otherwise you will fall to the scams.
  • you can bargain if you through online taxi vendor otherwise in case of urgency you will give money accordingly to vendor.
  • look for reviews of your taxi vendor.
  • talk to taxi vendor personally. if he will take care of you genuinely throughout your journey then you can go with them. as it is not a bad deal. you will get best in class service, if you are paying good amount.
  • get commitment from taxi vendor in goa, that he will not include any extra charges.
  • more importantly check if he is giving AC car or Non AC car.

these are the points you should keep in mind while choosing a good taxi service and vendor in goa.

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