Top 5 islands to visit in India – India’s Own Island Destination

Best islands to visit in India

Every Traveler looks for a unique travel destination in India. what can be more unique than an Island visit? yes an island visit. Islands are piece of Tropical land surrounded by water from all sides. well you don’t need any explanation about islands. India has its own islands that are open for tourists. today we are going to tell you about top 5 island in India that you can visit today. if you are confused about which island to visit then let us clear all your doubts and tell you about best island destination in India.

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What is the best time to visit islands for vacation in India?

well the best time to visit an island in India is from October to April. Winters are always best in India.

Top 5 islands to visit in India – only list you will ever need

this list is not sorted according to ranking

  1. Divar island

Divar Island is located in Goa, the hottest travel destination in India. if you are ever visiting Goa and want to experience Island vacation then you can go to divar island in goa. it is situated 10-15 km away from Panjim and you have to take a ferry to this place. sounds exciting? yes, it is. you can live with locals or in resorts and experience the culture of Goa. we do also provide goa taxi service so you can contact us regarding the same.

2. Majuli Island

majuli island is situtated in Assam amidst the Bhramaputra river. if you ever want to experience the beautiful sunset and sunrise then you must pay a visit to this place. you will get to know traditional assamese culture here.

3. Barren Islands, Andman

as the name suggest this island is located in Andman. this place is famous for scuba diving and its volcanoes. well if you want to experience both then you should pay a visit to this place. it is one of the best and top islands of india.

4. Diu island

diu has a Portuguese as well as Gujarati influence. if you are visiting this island then visit in the month of march to July when you can enjoy all the water sports to the fullest. it is a perfect vacation spot for beach lovers.

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5. St. Mary’s Island Karnataka

this Island is situated in karnataka and one of the least visited place, so you will not find any crowd here. you can enjoy quality time here as well as the beauty of this place. this place is worth including in our top 5 islands to visit in India list.

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