Lock down pass

How to Apply For Lock Down Passes In Rajasthan, Goa and Himachal Pradesh?

Due to COVID – 19 Obtaining passes for travel is mandatory. if you are looking to travel out of the state then it is advised that you get your travel pass Made by the authorities. here we have brought you the resources which will help you to get your pass made. Here we are sharing instructions for travel e pass in Rajasthan, Goa, himachal pradesh and you can find e pass details of other states as well in this article.

For Rajasthan and other states > Click here

For passes in Goa > Click here

Video Resources for Travel E pass in Rajasthan and other states

We believe that this situtation will soon be over and everyone will be able to travel freely soon. right now we are operating in Goa, Udaipur, shimla and Manali. do contact us at maharana cabs goa

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