Maharana Cabs Udaipur Now Providing Exclusive Sightseeing Packages

Started last year in Udaipur, Maharana Cabs has created quiet a reputation in udaipur travel industry. before that we were operating in a small town of Rajsamand named Nathdwara. last year we decided to move to Udaipur and by the grace of God, we did extremely well in Udaipur tour field.

Udaipur is a beacon for thousands of nomads and travelers, every year it sees a huge growth in incoming tourists. when we started operating in Udaipur sightseeing business. we came across following problems.

problems associated with udaipur sightseeing cabs

here are the problems associated with cabs in udaipur:-

  • every taxi vendor is charging a huge amount for sightseeing
  • cabs are not clean
  • no timely services
  • rude behaviour of driver towards tourists
  • drivers were not taking tourists seriously
  • unseen extra charges


maharana cabs

How Maharana Cabs is changing sightseeing business in Udaipur

now keeping all the above problems in mind we have created a robust system for taxi service in udaipur.

what we do offer in udaipur sightseeing 

  • timely pickup and drop
  • fixed prices for all kind of tourists
  • courteous drivers (we do hire well behaved drivers only)
  • no hidden charges
  • clean cars
  • last but not the least, we do provide full customer support throughout your journey so that you will not face even a single problem
  • if you want we will plan your travel without any cost

After successfully operating in Udaipur we are starting our sightseeing taxi service in goa.

Now starting Taxi service in Goa

goa is a land of beaches and rich heritage, we are glad to inform you that maharana cabs is starting its taxi service in Goa.

in our goa cabs you will get the same features as udaipur. as we are commited towards the quality.

in Goa we will be including

  • sightseeing taxi
  • north goa tour
  • south goa tour
  • these tours will have fixed prices
  • timely services
  • neat and clean cars





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