How To Travel Udaipur Under 5000 Rs – 3 days 2 Nights

you are probably here because you want to travel udaipur. everyday thousands of tourists visit this beautiful city with great enthusiasm. everyday many tourists get mesmerized by this city’s breathtaking beauty. if you are also planning to come to udaipur then this guide is for you. in this guide we are going to show you how you can travel in udaipur with only a minimum budget of 5000rs. yes, you read it right, read full article as we are going to show you how you can do travelling in udaipur in a mere budget of 5000 Rs.

Travel udaipur under 5000 rs


this is a simple guide which does not include fancy hotels and hotels in high end restaurants. however this guide will show you how you can enjoy udaipur travelling in 5000 rs to the fullest.

Arrival – 

when you arrive in udaipur through trains, then transfer to your will cost you 100 rs in a auto rickshaw.


now coming to the important point of living in udaipur as a tourist. if you are not looking for a fancy hotel then you can get a good room at 1000 rs for two nights (during off season).  we are locals here so we know everytthing about udaipur. in season time this budget can reach upto 1500-2000rs for two nights for low price hotels.

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now when you are in udaipur you must be requiring to get a sightseeing to udaipur. there are three option for the udaipur sightseeing, either you can hire Bike, taxi or rickshaw.

bike will cost you – 1000 rs for two day with (80 km limit)

auto will cost – 800 rs for 8 hours

taxi will cost you – 1600 rs for 8 hours  for udaipur travel

your best bet will be either bike or auto rickshaw.

unseen places of udaipur


now let us come to the most important point of the travel in udaipur, which is food. if you want to get the authentic food of udaipur/ Mewar then you can go to the budgeted restaurants like Natraj and Padam thal. these are the best budget and most sought after restaurants in udaipur. it will cost you 180 rs for a “full thali“. 

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