Unseen Places of Udaipur that you must Visit – Hidden Gems

so you are planning to come to udaipur, well in that case you will need a proper guidance in order to enjoy udaipur to the fullest. check out our list of top places to visit in udaipur. we are here today to tell you about some hidden gems of udaipur that you should visit. these are the unseen places which many of the tourists miss during their journey.

believe us, ditching these great places is not going to do any good to you. if you are in udaipur and you haven’t visited these places then your journey is a waste.

unseen places of udaipur that are worth visiting

  1. Ambrai Ghat –

this is a beautiful place which is located in the narrow lanes of jagdish temple. if you want to go here then you have to go on foot, because no car can enter that area easily. ambrai ghat is place from where you can enjoy the uttermost royalty of udaipur. this place is situated on a lakeside place,

unseen places of udaipur

now a garden has been developed on it, this place is best to enjoy the serenity of udaipur. here are some images from the ambrai ghat of udaipur. everyday group of students and love birds come here in order to enjoy their time.

    2. Bahubali hills –

these hills are located near the lake badi, which is around 10 km from the city center. this is the best place to enjoy the scenery of udaipur with your friends and family. these hills have the best view for photography in udaipur. these hills create a island like structure which is very beautiful when viewed from the hills. you willl really enjoy your time here. for going to bahubali hills in udaipur you can hire a tempo, or taxi. but the best way to reach here is  by bike.

here are some images from bahubali hills.

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